GTRADE21.COM is a newly launched platform that focuses on the Facilitation of Global Trade through Trade Promotion, Development and Services.
GTRADE21 will be a one of its kind platforms in the world that will assist worldwide exporters, importers and traders to network and match with potential partners throughout the world.
If you are interested and qualified to join GTRADE21, then your appointment will be based on a country or a geographical region. You will be appointed as a GTRADE Commissioner and your office as a GTRADE Representative Office of a country or a geographical region of few countries. Your appointment will be exclusive but could be revoked if you are not able to meet your requirements as the Country Commissioner.
We have planned our launch in May 2022 once we have successfully appointed GTRADE COMMISSIONERS and GTRADE REPRESENTATIVE Offices in at least 10 countries.
In 2022, we have planned to appoint GTRADE COMMISSIONERS in at least 20 countries to initiate and start of the first few activities.
GTRADE21 has been registered under GTRADE21 LIMITED in the United Kingdom and will be jointly managed by the Malaysian Export Academy Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.


 Global Trade Missions – Gtrade21 will organize Export Acceleration and General Trade Missions to selected countries throughout the world on a regular basis. These missions could be general or industry specific missions and is subject to the country’s potential for specific products or services. Each mission could be participated by 30 delegates and the programme will include Seminars and Briefings, Business Matching with potential buyers, Gala Dinner, Tour of supermarkets and industries and Visits to relevant government organisations and trade associations.

⦁ Participation in Booths/Kiosks in Trade Shows – Gtrade21 will assist the coordination of worldwide companies in their participation in International Trade Shows Or will take up Gtrade21 pavilions to showcase products and services of its clients

⦁ Table Top Mini Exhibitions – Gtrade21 will organize Table Top Mini Trade exhibitions in selected countries and will invite worldwide exporters to participate in these shows.


 Training and Coaching – Gtrade21 will be offering a number of export and international related certified programmes and also short courses with the aim of instilling exporting skills to working adults and fresh graduates. The training and coaching will be held on virtual remote or hybrid or face to face basis in any suitable location in the world.

⦁ Consultancy – Our Export Consultants and Subject matter experts will be available online for any consultation on export and international trade matters

 Talks, Seminars and Conferences – GTRADE21 will be regularly organizing both Virtual and Physical Talks, Seminars and Conferences on topics related to International Trade


⦁ Market Surveys – Worldwide companies which require specialized surveys for their products and services, GTRADE21 will be able to handle such surveys in collaboration with local consultants and audit firms.

⦁ Global Sourcing – GTRADE21 will be able to assist worldwide importers in their sourcing requirements and also to handle pre-shipment surveys to ensure the importers criterias’ are met.

⦁ Market Visits/Business Matching – GTRADE21 will be able to assist exporters who wish to travel to any country to meet potential buyers.

Once you have been appointed as our GTRADE COMMISSIONER and GTRADE REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE in your country or region, your job scope will cover:

⦁ Trade Missions – You will manage the GTRADE trade missions that are being sent to your countries of coverage by arranging accommodation, country briefing, one to one business matching, industry visits, liaison with government agencies, gala dinner etc.

⦁ Assistance and Participation in Exhibitions – You will coordinate the participation of our clients in International exhibitions in your country by providing the support services. Besides, you will also arrange a GTRADE pavilion to showcase smaller companies by sharing the cost.

⦁ Table Top Mini exhibitions – You will assist Gtrade21 to manage Table Top exhibitions in your country as per our planning and calendar.

⦁ Training and Coaching – You have to market our virtual training and coaching programmes and also organize Hybrid or Physical programmes in your country.

⦁ Consultancy – You have to market our consultancy services in your country.

 Talks, Seminars and Conferences – You have to market all our virtual and Hybrid Talks, Seminars and Conferences.

⦁ Market Surveys – If you receive any request for Market surveys from our worldwide clients, you could work with local consultants to prepare them. We will send you a template that could be used for all Market Surveys.

⦁ Global Sourcing – If any of our clients require us to assist in sourcing certain products from your country, you could identify reliable suppliers and ensure the transaction and shipment are being handled smoothly.

⦁ Market Visits/Business Matching – If any companies which to visit your market to meet potential buyers or JV partners, you should be able to arrange for them their and all their requirements.

⦁ Other activities – As Country Commissioners, You could also initiate and organize the various activities as mentioned above.

As a GTRADE Commissioner, if you are unable to handle a particular activity, you could outsource it or organize it in collaboration with a local event manager or a subject matter expert.

You are required to:

 Fill Up and Complete the Application Form. The Application Form could be accessed via here.

 You have to invite two Trade Organizations/Associations to support our GTRADE21 platform.

⦁ You have to identify and recommend at least two relevant personalities in your country to be appointed as our Global Advisory Board.

⦁ You are allowed and encouraged to print call cards mentioning your position as GTRADE21 COMMISSIONER together with your name followed by your Country name.

⦁ Carry and Utilise GTRADE21 Trademark (Logo) in your office and mention that your office is the GTRADE21 REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE in your country or countries of coverage. For example, you could mention GTRADE21 MOROCCO c/o ABC Ltd if you are located in Morocco.

 ⦁ A copy of your latest photo, your profile (including a summary of your profile), a write up on the economic environment of your country and the opportunities in terms of export, import and investments.

⦁ For all your communication you will be provided with an Official Email Account followed by an Official Certified and Encrypted Enquiry FormWe strongly prohibit the use of Your Personal/Business communication facilities such as Email Account, Enquiry Form or Whatsoever as a/in a mode of Written Communication with any party related directly or indirectly to GTRADE21. As an example, Communicating via Email with your approached customer, Organization, Association etc by using your Personal/Business email account or Maybe an enquiry form that is not accredited by GTRADE21. 

⦁ To plan and execute all GTRADE21 activities of which most will be outsourced to the respective GTRADE Country Commissioners.

⦁ To collect all fees and charges and pay all expenses to the GTRADE Commissioners/Offices and also pay the remuneration as mentioned above at the end of each project.

⦁ To handle overall marketing of all activities undertaken by GTRADE21 and also its Representative offices. Marketing will be via social media platformssupporting agenciesdirect marketing and also through our Representative offices.

For further enquiries, contact us via email at: