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By joining Gtrade21, you are becoming a part of a unique and special platform that focuses on promoting and facilitating global trade. As a member, you will have a trouble-free access to international markets.

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One of Its Kind

Gtrade21 is a unique platform that assists worldwide exporters, importers and traders to network and match with potential partners.

Wide Range of Services

Gtrade21 services includes trade promotion, trade development and trade services.

Global Attention

Gtrade21 focuses on the entire world, and not only a specific country or region

Members First

Gtrade21 enables members to boost export capabilities and establish presence in foreign markets through our programmes.

Global Pioneer

Gtrade21 is expected to become the leading portal for global promotion, development and services.


Gtrade21 is a reliable and cost-effective way to engage in International Trade

Shortcuts to Foreign Market

Gtrade21 is a shortcut to access foreign markets through networking events, market surveys and consultancy services.

Business Upgrade

Gtrade21 gives members a competitive edge in International Trade.

Fulfilling Needs

Gtrade21 provide full support in terms of organizing programmes, logistics, hotel booking and pre-arranging appointments.