Basic Guide to Exporting

Almost all type of business no matter of size or it’s origin country has the same amazing opportunity to expand internationally. What eventually matter is the steps that should be taken to ensure that your business is ready to export. Learn about the Basics of Exporting beginning from the financial and legal aspect followed by how to develop an export plan in delivering your product/service to the world.


Basic Guide to Exporting (US Commercial Service)


Website or Application based eletronic marketplace function as a tool where buying and selling is conducted on it. It is also known as platforms that allows buyers and sellers to meet virtually to negotiate and conduct business-to-business transactions. In simple words, It is a form of doing business that uses Internet technology to bring together multiple vendors and customers in a single platform in order to make a trade.


The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketplace Development

Free Trade Agreements

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an agreement between two or a few countries where the countries involved agree on certain written obligations that affect trade in products of goods and services. The main function of FTAs is to form a trade-free area and reduce barriers to imports and exports between the countries by eliminating all or most of the tariffs, quotas, subsidies, and prohibitions that are in place.


Free Trade Agreement in Asia

Northern America Free Trade Agreement

Market Surveys

Market Surveys or also commonly known as market research, It is an organized activity and effort to gather sufficient amount of information about targeted markets and the capacity of it’s customers and who they are. It is an important component of business strategy and a major factor in managing competitiveness.


A Practical Guide to Market Research


Publication is something made to communicate with the public which are usually printed on paper materials such as books or magazines. Nowadays, Publications are also able to be done over the internet or much likely known as e-publications. Publications are very helpful and plays an important role in global/international trade as they are utilized to help businesses in developing countries to gain a greater share of both international imports and exports .


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