GTRADE21 is a unique and special platform that focuses on promoting and facilitating global trade. It covers trade promotion, trade development and trade services. GTRADE21 is expected to be the leading portal for global promotion, development and services in International Trade.

In the field of Trade Promotion, its activities include global trade missions, trade exhibitions and table top mini shows. Under Trade development, the focus will be on Trade training and coaching, Consultancy, Talks, Seminars and Conferences while

Trade Services will include market Visits and Business while Trade Services will include market Visits and Business Matchings, Market Surveys and Global Sourcing. Other activities will be included as we progress. For details on each activity, please visit the relevant pages. Special announcements and updates are always made in this website. It would be welcomed for you to register in this website so as to receive updates promptly.

Our target is to facilitate worldwide exporters and importers in all areas of trade promotion, development and services.

GTRADE21 is the brand of Gtrade21 Limited, which is registered in the United Kingdom. It is managed in collaboration with the Malaysian Export Academy of Malaysia and GTRADE21 representative offices in the various countries. In 2022, we expect to launch GTRADE21 offices in 20 selected countries and offer some limited programmes and activities. Our final phase will be in 2025 whereby we are expecting 50 Representative offices with almost all activities and services being offered to the world.

Our team comprises of Trade Commissioners, Successful Exporters, Subject Matter Experts, Business Consultants, International Marketing Strategists, Event Managers and many more….